Next time you catch yourself complaining about your 4-hour bus ride from Boston to New York City, consider this: the longest ever bus ride took almost 400 days to complete.

We’ll go back to our record-breaking mammoth of a journey in a moment but, first, let’s take a look closer to home.

The longest bus rides in America

America is the world’s 4th largest country with a surface area of 3.5m square miles. This means there’s a lot of ground to cover if you want to travel from coast to coast.

Jack Kerouac did it in the 50s and there still is an air of romanticism to traversing the nation by bus. If you’re looking to find yourself and discover the country, there is only one way: by bus.

It might take long, but, oh, my friend, it will be worthwhile. While Kerouac, Cassady, and friends did it without the extra legroom, bus WiFi and other amenities that have become the norm nowadays, you might even be able to turn your ride into money by working remotely from your seat.