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  • Iran-Bus Tickets

    Iran-Bus Tickets

    Check bus schedules, See bus routes, & Book your tickets

  • Iran-Bus Tickets

    Iran-Bus Tickets

    Check bus schedules, See bus routes, & Book your tickets

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Bus Companies

iran peyman
tak safar
peyke saba
mihan nour
ariya safar
imen safar iraniyan
giti peyma
iran peyma

    As the first bus companies started bus routes connecting various Iranian cities in the 1930s, hopping on a bus is a great way to explore Persia. Today, with more modern buses and bigger bus companies, the bus not only stands for cheap and convenient travels, but is also eco-friendly and safer for the passengers. While some bus companies only operate regionally, others cover the whole nation with their bus lines. For instance, you have the freedom to travel across Iran on Ham Safar, Royal Safar, and similar companies. Thanks to numerous bus lines, major cities like Tehran, Isfahan Shiraz, or Tabriz in the North are connected within these companies’ schedules and can be reached easily. It is interesting to know that Iranian High Way Police have required every bus operator to have GPS systems on their buses across Iran. This gives access to the police for speed controls and other safety checks on buses traveling throughout the country.

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    Cheap fair or Trustworthy service?

    Many tourists who choose to travel across Iran on bus believe that sometimes expensive or cheap ticket fare, does not mean anything when it comes to the quality of service. Besides sometimes sudden management changes may affect the company’s services. How passengers can be sure what quality they are buying at what price? We promise to give you accurate and professional consultations even before you embark on your trip to Iran.

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    Do I Trust Local Bus Websites in Iran?

    You can’t expect fresh information from many websites in Iran because most of them are simply forgotten to be updated. Definitely you try to avoid any unexpected situation, particularly when it is your first trip to an unknown country like Iran. When you buy your ticket through Iran-Bus, you can ask for being personally updated on your bus schedule and whatever relevant information you order us.

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    Why use Iran-Bus?

    How can you make sure that when you get to the bus terminal in Iran your bus has not already left, or changed its departure time, or even totally cancelled? Iran-Bus keeps you informed about any change that may affect your travel schedule across Iran.

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    Thanks to IRAN-BUS, you can compare bus companies and find bus tickets for your next bus trip. It doesn’t matter if you want to travel to Isfahan, Shiraz, or to the Caspian Sea in the North, or Persian Gulf Coast in the South – at one glance, you can check the bus schedules, ticket prices and the features and services offered on the bus. You can look for the most frequent departures, available coupons or cozy amenities like free Wi-Fi and luggage allowance. Our website always helps you to find your perfect bus. If you are Backpacking Iran, you can book your bus ahead of your arrival and make sure you can get your ticket printed in both Persian and English languages. You can also ask us for pick up services from your hotel anywhere in Iran to the bus Terminal in Every City. Besides in bigger cities like Tehran, and Isfahan there are more than one bus terminals that operate for different destinations, with Iran-Bus you will be sure that you are going to the right bus Terminal.

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If you are planning a trip from Iran to the neighboring countries, traveling by bus can also be a perfect way. IRAN-BUS is the right option for booking your tickets and getting info on an easy, cheap and convenient trip to Turkey or even some parts of Europe. You can find all bus routes for your travels from Iran up to destinations in Turkey. There are also bus routes to destinations in Iraq.

With IRAN-BUS you can learn all about the bus transportation in Iran. Your trip begins with the search for the right bus to certain destination in this ancient land. Although comparison of price is a wise action, for your first time you may not be able to compare the quality of service.
Thanks to our search engine you will find all available bus routes with only one click and get the bus that best fits your needs. IRAN-BUS gives you the complete overview regarding where to find cheap tickets, the duration of travel, arrival and departure times and the exact address of pick-up and drop-off stations as well as any further offerings of the various providers.

One thing you should be aware of is the shortages of tickets in high seasons. Mostly the government intervention is also there as it tries to regulate situation on ad-hoc policies and daily bases. This is very much likely at the eve of the Persian calendar’s New Year. So be cautious and try to consult our friendly colleagues ahead of your arrival and during planning your trip to Iran.

If you have already bought your tickets and you are in Iran on your tour and you face any unexpected or unpleasant situation, still we are there to give you consultation and guidance, even if you have not bought your tickets through IRAN-BUS.

IRAN-BUS tries to stay a reliable and friendly company to be at your disposal even after you have finished your trip to Iran and have left the country. Imagine you have left something valuable at the hotel or lost something, somewhere that you can give us an accurate address. We will be most honored to follow your case and find the item and post it anywhere in the world.

So count on IRAN-BUS as a friend in need and a friend indeed.

Booking a Ticket for the Bus
  • How can I purchase my bus ticket?
  • Are you looking for more information about purchasing your bus ticket? Do you want to know if there are special offers, discounted prices or coupons? Or would you like to know if children are allowed to travel alone, is the ticket for children will be the same price and if there is a discount for seniors or people with a disability available?

With IRAN-BUS you’ll learn about how to purchase a bus-ticket and what you need to know in case of a cancellation or a rebooking. We’ll tell you how you’re going to receive your ticket, either via e-mail or via message to your Smartphone.
Send us your comments and questions – We’re here to help!

Comfort and services on the bus
  • Which features are offered on the bus?
  • Are you looking for more information about the comfort and services available on the bus? Do you want to know if Wi-Fi or electrical outlets are available to use? With IRAN-BUS you’ll learn all about the amenities available on the Bus – from the air-conditioning, to leg-room and accessibility.

Is there a Media Center available? Are snacks and drinks available to purchase and is seat- reservation possible? We will let you know either through chat or the Q&S sessions we will have here.
Send us your comments and questions. – We’re here to help!

Luggage on the Bus
  • What am I allowed to take with me on the bus?
  • You’re looking for additional information on luggage? What are you allowed to take with you on the bus? Do you want to know if you’re allowed to take a bicycle or stroller with you? Will it be possible to take your dog or an additional piece of luggage with you – and are there going to be extra-fees?

With IRAN-BUS you’ll learn all about what you’re allowed to bring along – from luggage, oversized-luggage, carry-on luggage or bicycles.

One important point is that medium and large size pets or noisy ones like some birds are not allowed on the Iranian buses. In case you have a small pet in its special cage or case it is ok.

Another important point is that possession of all sorts of narcotics and alcoholic drinks are forbidden by law. Even sometimes if you carry some other legal beverages in a used bottle of an alcoholic drink, again you will be in trouble with the police. Also any kind of fire arms or knives or anything with similar sharp blades is forbidden.

Only a hand bag is allowed on the bus and other items beside your normal luggage are charged by the driver’s of the coach.

Send us your comments and questions. – We’re here to help!


    We’re also here for you, when you need help in completing your Booking. We’re glad to inform you about the various payment options and possible discounts. Within a glance, you may receive your ticket either per hand, on your smart phone or to print it out by yourself.


    If you are not able to reach your bus, after you’ve made the booking for a ticket, we will be there to support you with the Rebooking and Cancellation of your ticket.


    We’ll tell you which bus companies will fulfill your needs. Surely, you’re not going to travel without your Luggage, maybe even sometimes with an oversized-luggage or a bicycle. We recommend clarifying such issues before buying the ticket, I.E. how much luggage you’re allowed to take with you and if extra-fees may arise or not. We’re glad to answer all your questions about your travels by bus across Iran.

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